As of January 10th, 2012, Old City Web Services has launched the new era of St. Augustine’s most popular web portal. The new is now completed and has been launched in place of the old website. The remodel is complete!

So what does that mean for residents and tourists who visit the site?

We’re still the best source of St. Augustine information on the web!
All of the resources and tools that make Northeast Florida’s most popular web portal are still available on the new site. We’ve reorganized things a little bit just to make the site a tad more user friendly. Now you can easily search through one of our three main categories: Where to Stay, What to Do or The Community. In each section you’ll find details that will help you plan your next vacation to St. Augustine (if you’re visiting us from out of town) or find important community news and updates (if you’re a local). Either way, is here to help you get the most out of St. Augustine!

Directories have been transferred to the new site as well. 
One of our most popular tools, our informational directories, have also been moved to the new site including our lists of hotels & motels, restaurants and places of worship in the St. Augustine area. You can find quick links to them below to update your bookmarks:
You’re now able to add events to the calendar.
Our interactive “Submit an Event” tool now allows businesses and community organizations to easily submit upcoming events to our free community calendar. Once our staff looks them over and approves them, they will be added to the website for visitors to see. This is an excellent way to promote local events to thousands of visitors to

So what does that mean for our advertisers?

Your existing advertising is live on the new website.
All of the advertising that was on the old website has been transferred to the new website, but we’ve made all the banners and expanded listings even bigger to get more attention for your ads. We also have new advertising opportunities available (including video ads), call if you’re interested in more information.
New statistics will be available for advertising.
Your February hit reports will be a big change from what you’ve received in the past–in a very good way. Not only will you see the number of clicks on each of your advertisements, you will also see the number of times the page your ad appears on was viewed. Customers with Listings will also be able to see the number of clicks and views their basic listings received on the site.
Some pages were redirected to increase advertising views.
We studied our statistics for meticulously in the process of developing this new website and noticed that many of the sub-pagesweren’t getting a lot of traffic. As a result, some sub-pages under a few of our categories have been redirected to the main category page in order to keep traffic more concentrated on the main category pages. 
For example, the sub-pages for each business type under Area Businesses have been removed but all the listings that were on those pages are now categorized on the main Area Businesses page for easier use.
Our search engine rankings will be closely monitored.
Our SEO Specialist has gone through the website with a fine-tooth comb to make sure that our keywords and descriptions are transferred over to the new site. We have covered all of our bases and will closely monitor the stats after launch. 
We hope you enjoy the new site and would love to hear your feedback through our Facebook or Twitter pages. It’s been a long journey to reach this point in the process and we’re so excited to bring a new site with new features to all of our supportive fans, visitors and advertisers.