St. Augustine Restaurant Listings

A convenient list of local area restaurants

The St. Augustine Restaurant Listings is places serving food not only in St. Augustine, but in St. Johns County.  We recommend that you call ahead for hours and menu. The establishments that are highlighted in blue have direct links to their website. If you would like a link added to your restaurant, please contact

Historic Downtown
A1A Ale Works Restaurant & Taproom1 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-2977
Ann O'Malley's21 Orange StreetSt Augustine32084904-825-4040
Athena Restaurant14 Cathedral PlaceSt Augustine32084904-823-9076
Aviles Restaurant & Lounge32 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-829-2277
Ayara Thai & Sushi140 San Marco AveSt Augustine32084904-217-7781
Bantam Chef34 Granada StreetSt Augustine32084904-770-2990
Bar Harbor Cheesecake Company6 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-547-2961
Barnacle Bill's1302 N. Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-494-2100
Barefoot Bill's61 Treasury StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-2784
Barley Republic Irish Pub & Oyster House48 Spanish StreetSt Augustine32084904-547-2023
Ben's Soft Pretzels54 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-201-9809
Boat Drinks56 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-274-0094
Borillo's Pizza & Subs88 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-829-1133
Bull & Crown Publick House53 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-2869
Burger Buckets3 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-5295
Burrito Works Taco Shop114 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-823-1229
Cafè Alcazar25 Granada StreetSt Augustine32084904-825-9948
Cafè del Hidalgo35 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-823-1196
Carmelo's Market Place146 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-2337
Casa Maya22 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-823-0787
Casa Reina Taqueria & Tequila1 Anderson Cir.St Augustine32084904-295-3847
Castillo Craft Bar + Kitchen6 W Castillo DriveSt Augustine32084904-481-8215
Catch 2740 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-3542
Cellar Upstairs157 King StSt Augustine32084904-826-1594
Chianti Room60 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084904-825-4100
City Perks Coffee Company15 St George StSt Augustine32084904-342-0556
Claude's Chocolate6 Granada StreetSt Augustine32084904-808-8395
Collage60 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-0055
Columbia Restaurant98 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-3341
Costa Brava95 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-810-6810
Cousteau’s Waffle and Milkshake Bar15 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-5627
Crave135 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-293-6373
Crucial Coffee Cafè26 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084
De Leon Latin Cocina1111 Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-827-4081
Denny's1300 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-829-2705
Dunkin'171 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-826-1358
FarmHand KCHN1280 N. Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-209-6810
Forgotten Tonic6 Aviles StreetSt Augustine32084904-827-9055
Funkadelic Food Truck77 Bridge StreetSt Augustine32084904-588-3509
Gaufres & Goods212 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-5770
Georgies Diner100 Malaga StSt Augustine32084904-819-9006
Grilled Cheese Gallery16 Cathedral PlSt Augustine32084904-770-7973
Gringos Tacos125 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-0176
Harbor View Cafè16 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-825-0193
Harry's Seafood Bar & Grille46 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-824-7765
Hazel's Hot Dogs2400 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-8484
Ice Plant Dining/Vintage Bar110 Riberia StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-6553
Juniper Market48 San Marco AveSt Augustine32084904-342-7617
La Herencia Cafè4 Aviles StreetSt Augustine32084
LuLi's Cupcakes82 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-824-5280
Maple Street Biscuit Company39 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-7814
McDonald's1106 Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-8708
Meehan's Irish Pub20 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-810-1923
Mi Casa Cafè69 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-9317
Michael's25 Cuna StreetSt Augustine32084904-810-2400
Mill Top Tavern19 1/2 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-2329
Mojo Old City BBQ5 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-5264
Nero’s Waterfront Café24 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-829-6017
Nonnas Trattoria2 Aviles StreetSt Augustine32084904-891-0318
O C White's Seafood & Spirits118 Avenida MenendezSt Augustine32084904-824-0808
Old City House Inn & Restaurant115 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-826-0184
One Twenty Three Burger House123 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-687-2790
Peace Pie8 Aviles StreetSt Augustine32084904-295-8232
Pelican Landing Bar & Grill123 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904- 788-1217
Pizza Hut1050 N Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-4800
Pizza Time124 St George StSt Augustine32084904-819-0133
Pizzalleys117 St George StSt Augustine32084904-825-2627
PK’s Roosevelt Room121 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-209-5700
Preserved Restaurant102 Bridge StreetSt Augustine32084904-679-4940
Prince of Wales54 Cuna StreetSt Augustine32084904-810-5725
Prohibition Kitchen119 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-209-5704
Raintree Restaurant102 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-824-7211
Reflections Bistro75 King Street, Ste 120St Augustine32084904-217-3685
Rendezvous Restaurant106 St George StSt Augustine32084904-824-1090
River House Cafè180 Marine StreetSt Augustine32084904-209-3636
Roux Organics in Historic Lincolnville97 Martin Luther King AveSt Augustine32084904-891-7649
Sainte-George Restaurant1 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084 904-429-9345
Sakada Asian Cuisine120 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-819-5857
Sangrias Wine & Tapas Bar35 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-827-1947
Scarlett O'Hara's70 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-6535
Schmagel's Bagels69 Hypolita StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-4444
Smokin' D's BBQ1409 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-295-8952
South-A-Philly1 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-0666
Spanish Bakery and Cafe42 1/2 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-7859
St. Augustine Coffee House6 St. George Street, Ste 107St Augustine32084904-819-1644
St. Augustine Fish Camp142 Riberia StreetSt Augustine32084904-827-7000
St. Augustine Seafood Company33 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-8947
Starbuck's95 Cordova StreetSt Augustine32084904-827-1888
Subway 4269162 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-829-3847
Sunday73 San Marco AveSt Augustine32084904-907-2176
Taberna Del Caballo37 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-342-2867
Taco Libre2600 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-679-5279
Tedi's Olde Tyme Ice Cream65 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-825-1730
The Bar with No Name16 S. Castillo DrSt Augustine32084904-826-1837
The Blue Hen Cafè117 Martin Luther King AveSt Augustine32084904-217-3777
The Chatsworth Pub10 Marine StreetSt Augustine32084904-615-1815
The Cuban Cafe & Bakery 100 St. George StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-1645
The Donut Experiment117 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-770-6240
The Drunken Horse56 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084904-679-5858
The Florida Cracker Cafè81 St George StSt Augustine32084904-829-0397
The Floridian72 Spanish StreetSt Augustine32084904-829-0655
The Gourmet Hut17 Cuna StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-7477
The Hyppo48 Charlotte StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-7853
The Hyppo Hut70 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-7853
The Kookaburra24 Cathedral PlaceSt Augustine32084904-209-9391
The Oak Room Restaurant & Lounge16 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-825-1923
Uptown Swinery45 San Marco AveSt Augustine32084904-824-6202
Village Inn900 N Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-4377
Whetstone Chocolates42 St George StreetSt Augustine32084904-825-1720
Whetstone Chocolates139 King StreetSt Augustine32084904-217-0275
Zaxby's1107 Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-825-1545
Anastasia Island
Anastasia Kitchen900 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-808-1585
Blackfly The Restaurant108 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-201-6300
Candlelight South Restaurant1 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-819-0588
Cheba Hut Toasted Subs604 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904- 429-7465
Conch House Restaurant57 Comares AvenueSt Augustine32080904-829-8646
Creative Juices Natural Café846 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-342-0935
Gas Full Service Restaurant9 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-217-0326
Growers Alliance Cafe and Gift Shop322 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-371-7869
Gypsy Gab Co Restaurant828 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-824-8244
Island Beach Shop & Grill1340 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-9322
Llama Restaurant415 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-819-1760
Mellow Mushroom410 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-826-4040
Mojo's Tacos551 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-829-1665
Nalus Tropical Takeout1020 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-501-9592
O'Steen's Restaurant205 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-829-6974
Osprey Tacos300 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-679-4191
Whetstone Chocolates13 Anastasia BlvdSt Augustine32080904-825-1725
St. Augustine Beach
Amici Italian Restaurant1915 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-0102
Anastasia Diner1770 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-0969
Antonio's NY Style Pizza II590 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-5200
Andaman Asian Bistro1935 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-9190
Baitong Thai & Sushi3915 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-9488
Beachcomber Restaurant2 A StreetSt Augustine32080904-471-3744
Beachside Diner451 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-429-7756
Burrito Works Taco Shop671 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-217-7451
Cafè Eleven501 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-460-9311
Connolly's Shore Grill4320 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-687-2224
Domino's Pizza2085 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-3030
Hurricane Grill & Wings4255 S A1ASt Augustine32080904-471-7120
La Cocina International Restaurant530 A1A Beach Blvd.St Augustine32080904-461-8288
LaStrada Italian Restaurant4075 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-0081
Les Petite Pleasures125 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-679-3411
Little Margie's FA Cafè303 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-2006
Lost Island Bistro4255 A1A S, Unit 4St Augustine32080904-746-0980
Lucky Garden1079 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-7282
Mango Mango's700 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-461-1077
Marble Slab Creamery1053 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-461-3536
McDonald's1870 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-5174
Obi's Fillin Station590 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-907-1263
Panama Hattie's
361 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-2192
Playa Chac-Mool105 D StreetSt Augustine32080904-471-1131
Purple Olive4255 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-1250
Rita's Italian Ice380 A1A Beach BlvdSt. Augustine32080904-461-0977
Romano's On The Beach4255 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-461-1111
Salt Life Food Shack321 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-217-3256
Salt Water Cowboys299 Dondanville RoadSt Augustine32080904-471-2332
Santiago's Florida Kitchen & Craft Bar860 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-2555
Sea Oats Caffe1075 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-7350
Seafood Kitchen4255 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-460-0157
Sporks1943 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-342-8772
Stir It Up18 A StreetSt Augustine32080904-461-4552
Subway 27591077 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-4743
Sunset Grille421 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-471-5555
Taco Libre1001 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-679-4230
The Kookaburra647 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-209-9391
The Kookaburra4265 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-209-9391
The Tides Oyster Co & Grill641 A1A Beach BlvdSt Augustine32080904-461-5725
The Village Garden Food Truck Park1480S Old A1ASt Augustine32080904-217-8488
The World Famous Oasis Deck & Restaurant4000 A1A & Ocean Trace RdSt Augustine32080904-471-3424
Tropical Smoothie Cafè112 Sea Grove Main St.St Augustine32080904-461-9090
Wendy's2040 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-8245
Zaharias Restaurant3945 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-4799
Vilano Beach
180 Vilano Grill180 VilanoSt Augustine32084904-827-1009
Aunt Kate's on the River612 Euclid AveSt Augustine32084904-829-1105
Beaches at Vilano254 Vilano RdSt Augustine32084904-829-0589
Cap's On The Water4325 Myrtle StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-8794
Fire Wok85 Ava Way #104St Augustine32084904-819-6889
Kingfish Grill252 Yacht Club DriveSt Augustine32084904-824-2111
Puccini's Pizzeria85 Ava WaySt Augustine32084904-342-7757
The Reef4100 Coastal HwySt Augustine32084904-824-8008
Vinny's Pizza105 Yacht Club Dr.Vilano Beach32084904-342-8863
Crescent Beach
Back 40 A1A6101 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-429-9906
Crescent Beach Bar & Grill6975 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-250-0895
Elkhouse Eatery6357 A1A SSt Augustine32080904-342-7639
Redfrog & McToads5545 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-814-8430
Tony's Pizza6975 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-9027
Viola's Pizza6149 A1A SouthSt Augustine32080904-471-2981
South St. Augustine
904 Churros164 SR 312St Augustine32086904-209-5177
Andaman Asian Cuisine4010 US1 South, Ste 12St Augustine32086904-429-9565
Antonio's NY Style Pizza934 Santa Maria BlvdSt Augustine32086904-794-0117
Applebee's225 State Road 312St Augustine32086904-825-4099
Arby's708 E. Geoffrey StreetSt Augustine32086904-826-4030
Back 40 Urban Cafè40 South Dixie HwySt Augustine32084904-824-0227
Bistro 206811 SR 206St Augustine32086904-342-2171
Bono's Pit Bar-B-Q & Sports Pub2420 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-9424
Brewz n Dawgz1974 US 1 SouthSt. Augustine32086904-429-7149
Buffalo Wild Wings318 FL-312St Augustine32086904-679-3495
Burger King1725 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-824-8544
Cajun Crab Hut2125 US 1 South, Ste ASt Augustine32086904-342-7213
Cantina Louie's1900 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-770-2608
Carrabba's Italian Grill155 SR 312 WestSt Augustine32084904-819-9093
Casa Benedetto's Ristorante197 Blackford WaySt Augustine32086904-471-5999
Chick-Fil-A of St. Augustine1752 US Hwy 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-810-2201
Chicken Salad Chick1000-9 S Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-615-8329
Chili's Grill & Bar215 SR 312St Augustine32084904-824-2216
China One2473 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-797-1747
China Wok4255 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-797-8988
Chipotle Mexican Grill1753 US 1St Augustine 32084904-808-8321
Cold Cow938 Santa Maria BlvdSt Augustine32086904-797-0626
Culver's3433 US 1 SSt Augustine32086904-217-4859
D'aleo Deli2445 US 1 SouthSt. Augustine32086904-794-7672
De Leon's Pizza84 Theater DriveSt Augustine32086904-794-1917
Denny's950 SR 206 WSt Augustine32086904-794-2617
Dick's Wings & Grill4010 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-547-2669
Domino's Pizza3570 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-794-4655
Dunkin'890 Santa Maria BlvdSt Augustine32086904-547-2488
Dunkin'1001 S Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-825-4648
Everything Bagel176 SR 312St Augustine32086904-819-9282
Fiction Donuts1835 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-679-3081
Firehouse Subs200 Cobblestone Drive, # 106St Augustine32086904-819-1808
Five Star Pizza987 S. Ponce de Leon Blvd.St Augustine32084904-824-9868
Funkadelic Food Shack509 S Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-588-3509
Ginger Bistro1835 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-429-7600
Green Papaya Thai & Sushi Cuisine841 S Ponce De Leon Blvd #10St Augustine 32084904-516-8888
Green Tea340 Cobblestone DriveSt Augustine32086904-829-1838
Gusto Bistro Italiano & Wine Bar4255 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-342-2433
Honeybaked Ham Co & Cafè272 State Road 312St Augustine32086904-810-0995
Hurricane Patty's69 Lewis BlvdSt Augustine32084904-342-7338
Ichiban Buffet2185 US Hwy 1 S.St Augustine32086904-797-9918
Jersey Mike's Subs833 S Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-209-4767
Jimmy John's1000 S Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-829-5606
Kazu Sushi Burrito1000 S Ponce De Leon Blvd, Unit 105St Augustine32084904-342-2067
Keke's Breakfast Café135 Jenkins St Unit 106St Augustine32086904-429-9144
KFC1805 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-829-6019
La Cocina Mexican Restaurant3290 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-1610
Leroy's Cafè2555 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-217-4624
Little Caesars Pizza205 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-6718
LongHorn Steakhouse166 State Road 312St Augustine32086904-826-4181
McDonald's37 Epic BlvdSt Augustine32086904-824-0925
McDonald's2431 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-1013
Metro Diner1000 S. Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-758-3323
Mi Carnal Restaurant2471 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-5175
Mikato Japanese Steak House1092 S Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-7064
Mojos Tacos918 Santa Maria BlvdSt Augustine32086904-615-1957
Moultrie Creek Diner4010 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-797-0200
Namaste Indian Restaurant2180 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-460-2846
Ned's Southside Kitchen2450 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-2088
Old City Subs3440 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-2070
Outback Steakhouse245 State Road 312St Augustine32086904-826-4329
Panda Express1934 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-827-1124
Panera Bread600 Tingle CtSt Augustine32086904-417-9926
Papa John's Pizza801 S Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-808-7272
Pizza Hut200 State Road 312St Augustine32086904-829-5659
Piesanos Stone Fired Pizza200 Cobblestone Drive, #101St Augustine32086904-789-8010
Red Lobster Restaurant100 State Road 312 WSt Augustine32086904-823-3375
Romano's Pizzeria4010 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-797-8989
Shaughnessy's4255 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-797-6111
Smokin' D's BBQ110 State Rd 206 ESt Augustine32086904-797-2050
Sonic Drive In704 E Geoffrey StreetSt Augustine32086904-808-4788
Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Que1720 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-824-3220
St. Augustine Fish House & Oyster Company160 Nix Boat Yard RoadSt Augustine32084904-829-6113
Steak 'N Shake1760 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-824-7229
Subway at Flying J950 SR 206 WSt Augustine32086904-794-0426
Subway inside Walmart2355 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-794-7117
Subway 354481054 State Road 206 ESt Augustine32086904-797-8398
Subway 19201835 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-825-0310
Taco Bell1820 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32084904-825-4785
The Black Molly Grill504 W. Geoffrey St (Cobblestone)St Augustine32084904-547-2723
The Hyppo Coffee Bar1765 Tree Blvd #5St Augustine32086904-342-7816
The Kookaburra470 SR 207St Augustine32084904-209-9391
The Kookaburra1835 US HWY 1 S., Ste 133St Augustine32084904-209-9391
The Pretzel Lady235 SR 207, Ste 4St Augustine32084904-484-7111
Tijuana Flats833 S Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-201-8655
Tropical Smoothie Cafè4255 US 1 SouthSt Augustine32086904-907-2461
Umai880 Santa Maria Blvd, #2St Augustine32086904-217-7973
Vince's Sandwich Shop100 Southpark Blvd, Ste 108St Augustine32086904-823-1118
Wendy'sHwy 312 & US 1SouthSt Augustine32086904-861-0155
Yamato Japanese Steakhouse601 Tingle CourtSt Augustine32086904-819-0202
Yobe Frozen Yogurt200 Cobblestone Dr.St Augustine32084904-903-4344
Zaxby’s950 Santa Maria BlvdSt Augustine32086904-295-3836
North St. Augustine
Bruster's Real Ice Cream3501G Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-679-3652
Cafè Genovese1515 Country Rd 210 WSt Johns32259904-829-0707
China Wok3501 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-808-1998
Court House Cafè4030 Lewis SpeedwaySt Augustine32084904-808-1480
Domino's Pizza3501 N Ponce de Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-824-0802
Donovan's Irish Pub7440 US 1 NorthSt Augustine32095904-829-0000
Dos Coffee and Wine300 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-342-2421
Drake's Bistro237 San Marco AveSt Augustine32084904-209-5500
El Potro Mexican Restaurant226 San Marco AvenueSt Augustine32084904-819-0390
Hangar One Bistro Eatery & Bar4900 US 1 NorthSt Augustine32095904-602-6003
Jenks Pizza2245 County Rd 210 WSt Johns32092904-826-1555
Joint Bagel Co.389 Paseo Reyes Dr, Ste 201St Augustine32095904-429-9514
Kings Head British Pub6460 US 1 NorthSt Augustine32095904-823-9787
New York Pizza Company163 Palencia Village DrSt Augustine32095904-825-4545
Pacific Asian Bistro159 Palencia Village DrSt Augustine32084904-808-1818
Rockin' 50's Eatery3501 N Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-429-7829
Schooner's Seafood House3560 N Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-826-0233
The Spot Cafè4508 US Hwy 1 NorthSt Augustine32095904-824-8212
Waffle House9990 Koa RoadSt Augustine32095904-824-7869
Wendy's3531 N Ponce De Leon BlvdSt Augustine32084904-825-4911
West St. Augustine
Bakersville Bread Company233 West King StSt Augustine32084904-342-0393
Buena Onda Cafe224 W King StreetSt Augustine32084904-827-4499
Dick's Wings & Grill965 SR 16St Augustine32084904-825-4540
Pampa - South American Kitchen525 SR 16St Augustine32084904-814-8385
The Cheese Wheel & Sandwich Board223 W King StreetSt Augustine32084904-824-8286
Outlet Mall Area
Bojangles' Famous Chicken 'n Biscuits2095 FL-16St Augustine32084904-671-7165
Burger KingI-95 & SR 16St Augustine32084904-829-2051
Cafè Giovanni2730 FL-16 # 101St Augustine32092904- 823-8999
Cracker Barrel Old Country Store2441 SR 16St Augustine32092904-829-9222
Dairy Queen2375 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-823-0999
Denny'sSR 16 & I-95St Augustine32092904-824-1971
Dunkin'2274 State Road 16St Augustine32084904-827-1240
Ford's Garage550 Outlet Mall Blvd, Ste 200St Augustine32084904-560-3673
Great Wall965 SR 16St Augustine32084904-342-2445
IHOP2560 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-829-2215
Jin Sushi Hibachi Thai2730 Florida 16, # 118St Augustine32092904-829-8822
KFC2316 CR 208St Augustine32092904-824-2661
Manatee Cafè525 SR 16St Augustine32084904-826-0210
McDonald'sSR 16 & I-95St Augustine32084904-824-8646
Ruby Tuesday Restaurant2447 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-829-0950
Sonny's Real Pit Bar-B-Que2720 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-824-3315
Subway 188822195 State Road 16St Augustine32084904-825-0130
Taco Bell2453 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-827-1121
Waffle House2729 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-439-1269
Wendy's2710 State Road 16St Augustine32092904-826-0836
Willie Jewell's Bar-B-Q105 Murabella PkwySt Augustine32092904-342-2373
Zaxby’s120 Harvest LnSt Augustine32084904-547-2129
World Golf Village
King Wok425 W Town Pl, # 110St Augustine32092904-940-1988
Murray Brothers Caddyshack455 S Legacy Trl, E106St Augustine32092904-940-3673
St Marys Seafood & More705 Hortons TraceSt Augustine32095904-547-2578
Villagio500 S Legacy TrailSt Augustine32092904-940-8000
SR 207 / I-95
Burger KingI-95 & S.R. 207St Augustine32084904-217-0874
Dunkin'2435 State Road 207St Augustine32084904-217-3141
Jim's Place4917 State Road 207Elkton32033904-692-1222
Late Risers Bar & Grille4900 Cypress Links BlvdElkton32033904-907-0448
Subway 105322400 State Road 207St Augustine32086904-827-9920
Wendy’s80 Marketplace DrSt Augustine32084904-494-8269
Ponte Vedra Beach
Aqua Grill950 Sawgrass Village DrivePnt Vdra Bch32082904-285-3017
Barbara Jean's On The Water15 S Roscoe BlvdPnt Vdra Bch32082904-280-7522
Cafè Andiamo500 Sawgrass Vlg DrPnt Vdra Bch32082904-280-2299
Cantina Mezcal Mexican Grill880 N. A1A, Ste 18BPonte Vedra32082904-373-0492
J J's Liberty Bistro330 A1A North Ste. 209Pnt Vdra Bch32082904-273-7981
LuLu's Waterfront Grille301 Roscoe Blvd NPnt Vdra Bch32082904-285-0139
Restaurant Medure818 A1A NorthPnt Vdra Bch32082904-543-3797
Ruth's Chris Steakhouse814 A1A NorthPnt Vdra Bch32082904-285-0014
Trasco & Co Eatery155 Tourside DrPnt Vdra Bch32082904-395-3989
Two Dudes Seafood Restaurant262 Solana RdPnt Vdra Bch32082904-473-5272
Zoe's Kitchen240 A1A NorthPnt Vdra Bch32082904-273-1100