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#ShopStAugustine: Support Local Business in the Ancient City

St. Augustine is one of the most unique cities not only in the country but also the world. There are many things that make it stand out. It’s vibrant history, mixture of cultures, and stunning architecture make it a melting pot unlike any other. One distinct aspect of the town is its community. The people who call the Nation’s Oldest City home take pride in the place they live.

The Ancient City is known for its local shops, attractions, and restaurants. These establishments help make St. Augustine the town it is. When you support local businesses, you are supporting the owners, their families, their staff, and their passions that make our city so lively.

Use the hashtags #ShopStAugustine or #ShopStAug to show your support for local businesses and to connect with the St. Augustine community!

Want some ideas on ways to #ShopStAugustine? We’ve got you covered.

  1. Make it your goal to buy holiday gifts at local shops.
  2. Buy gift certificates or gift cards from restaurants, accommodations, and attractions.
  3. Spend a relaxing weekend at one of the many bed and breakfasts in the area.
  4. Take a tour and learn some new facts about the Nation’s Oldest City.
  5. Support local eateries by visiting one of the many unique local restaurants, bars, and coffee shops around the area.
  6. When shopping, try to use cash. Using cash saves small businesses a 2-4% processing fee.
  7. Check out one of the many farmers’ markets and support local vendors.