Fall is officially here! Leading St. Augustinian’s and tourists to prepare for their favorite season in the Ancient City. The leaves are falling and we have cool breezy weather to look forward to. But if we are being honest with ourselves raking leaves and packing up our bathing suits, isn’t what all the hype is about!

Like all occasions in the Old City, Fall will be celebrated enormously and many festivities are still a-go, despite Irma. This year a few of the best Fall events in Northeast Florida are hosted by local farms.

Better known as staples of the Old City, these farms, promise that locals and visitors can take comfort in knowing there will be plenty of yummy Fall treats to munch on and agritaining fun for the family.

Sykes and Cooper Farm

Sykes and Cooper Farm is home to a one-of-a-kind corn-maze that spreads across nine acres of land. Locals swing by each year partaking in the complicated maze, and consider it a tradition versus a ‘thing-to-do’. They also have hayrides which are great for children, less challenging, and just as much fun!

Sykes and Cooper Farm is basically a fair-farm, they host so many activities! During your visit, you will find duck races, cow milking stations, farm animals, cow trains, a corn cannon, and even a play area. Of course, there are goodies to eat, they wouldn’t be a fair-farm without food, right? Your favorite local vendors can be found selling fresh treats so bring a little extra cash! I guess Fall dreams do come true…

Rype & Readi

Rype & Readi is a St. Augustinian favorite! The convenient market downtown, cooking classes, and their farm-to-fork restaurant truly make them hard to resist, but what do they have going on for Fall?

It’s more like, what don’t they have going on for Fall. Rype & Readi is hosting Fall events that are unique and off-the-beaten-path. Events that you literally cannot find anywhere else in this part of Florida.

Cow Pie Bingo

Cow Pie Bingo is basically bingo with cows – no joke. Sit back and relax because your bingo success is in the hands of a recently-fed herd! After a scrumptious breakfast, the team of cows wonder out into the field where there is a bingo chart, and decide your fate via relieving themselves!

Burning Man Scarecrow

From mid-September to the end of October, the community is invited to build and dress scarecrows at the Rype & Readi Market. Then on October 28th, during the Bite and Fright BBQ, all of the scarecrows are burned in a giant pit. Funny enough, a cow’s instinct is to run towards a fire, but don’t worry – Cow Pie Bingo is a different night!

Pumpkin Chunkin’

More popular out west, pumpkin chucking is literally the sport of hurling, or chucking, a pumpkin using a catapult, cannon, or a large sling shot! More or less it is a fun way to dispose of your pumpkin and celebrate Fall! Pumpkins do not go to waste as the cows will snack on them!

Fun Fact: According to ScienceChannel.com – Chuck Norris holds the Pumpkin Chucking, Adult Catapult record, having shot his pumpkin 2,947.75 ft in 2015!

St. Augustine is a major hot spot for all things Fall! The Old City has numerous festivals, activities, and Fall events. For every event happening this September through the end of November, visit our calendar at OldCity.com.

Be sure to check out the Sykes and Cooper Farm, and Rype & Readi website for more information on events and have a Fallulous time playing bingo with cows and betting on duck races!

Other Fall Events

Greek Festival, Oct 13th – 15th

Go totally Greek during this Fall food festival in downtown St. Augustine. Numerous dishes, drinks, and musicians can be found on St. Francis field celebrating all things Greek!

Tiny House Festival, Nov. 17th – 19th

Go totally Greek during this Fall food festival in downtown St. Augustine. Numerous dishes, drinks, and musicians can be found on St. Francis field celebrating all things Greek!

Dark of the Moon

Did you know that the most haunted property in St. Augustine is that of the Lighthouse? According to Ghost Hunters, CNN, and Fox News there is more than just a great view at this spooky hot spot!

GhoSt Augustine Tours

GhoSt Augustine Tours

GhoSt Augustine has a few haunted tour options and whether you decide to walk or ride in the hearse you can count on entering actual haunted buildings and partaking in serious investigating! This is the nation’s Ancient City, so to no surprise has GhoSt Augustine tours have also been featured on TV shows like My Ghost Story.

Haunted Wine/Beer Tour

Haunted Wine/Beer Tour

For those of us who are not easily spooked, this tour adds a great element to the traditional haunted tour – beer and wine. This tour is 2.5 hours, includes 4-5 wine venues, and true historic tales about pirates, Seminoles and plagues making it ideal for couples and groups of adults!

Paranormal Pub Crawl

Paranormal Pub Crawl

Team up with a licensed paranormal investigator and licensed tour-guide for an educational, silly, and spooky tour while discovering the spirits of St. Augustine and sipping on a different kind of spirit! Adults 21 and up only.