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Boost your business with an ad on OldCity.com

The benefits of advertising on OldCity.com

  • - Exposure to an average of 50 - 60,000 people every month.
  • - Access from your ad to your website with one click.
  • - Monthly statistic reports with your click totals.
  • - SEO benefits from OldCity.com's top search rankings.
  • - One-on-one assistance with ad design and placement.
  • - Flexible contract periods to fit seasonal promotions.
  • - Personal customer service from Old City Web Services.


Multiple advertising options, same great service.

Super Expanded Listing: At the top of each page on OldCity.com we've reserved the perfect advertising spot just for your business. Entice customers with up to 90 words of text and your choice of five
photos or an embedded video. Your advertisement also includes your phone number as well as links to visit your website, email you, and get directions to your location via Google Maps.

Banners: Make a big visual impact with a banner on any page of OldCity.com. Perfect for promoting events as well as businesses, a colorful banner will catch the eye of potential customers in any position on OldCity.com. With a single click, visitors will be directed to your website in a new window. If you need assistance creating a banner, just ask! Old City Web Services is happy to help create a custom banner for your business.

Expanded Listing: Attract potential customers with an image and up to 60 words of text about your business. Your advertisement also includes your phone number as well as a link to your website, e-mail and a Google Map for directions to your locations.

Buttons: Throughout all of OldCity.com, buttons are available on every page in three different sizes--single, double and triple. Grab the attention of your potential customers with a colorful image. Once a visitor clicks on your button, they will be redirected to your website in a new window. It's that easy! Old City Web Services can even help you create a button if you need assistance.

Listing: Add your business's title, a URL link and phone number to the bottom of most pages on OldCity.com. Not only will this link send some of OldCity.com's traffic to your website, it can also increase your search engine rankings based on the value of an inbound link from a website with a high Page Rank like OldCity.com.



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